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My Story

My logo features a pink flamingo cartoon standing on one leg in front of two green tropical leaves.

Hello everyone! Thank-you so much for stopping by!

My name is Lizi (fast approaching 40!) and I live in the beautiful city of Salisbury in Wiltshire with my 2 kids, my wonderfully supportive husband, our cockerpoo Daisy and our grumpy ginger tom-cat Archie!!!

In a previous life (i.e. before my little Flamingo was born), I was a qualified secondary school teacher in performing arts, and had been for 10 years.  i decided to step away from teaching in 2016 - not really knowing what to do next!

i had always loved sewing and used to spend my free time making up costumes for my students whenever we were putting on shows and performances.

after christmas 2016, i opened an etsy shop and the rest is history really.  it took me a couple of years to really find my niche - but here are am!!!

Lizi is the founder of My Little Flamingo and she is smiling whilst holding up a pink flamingo mug.
Lizi is the founder of My Little Flamingo and she is smiling whislt holding up a handmade orange fox pinafore dress she has made.
Lizi is the founder of My Little Flamingo and she is posing with her family whilst out at the beach. it was a cold day as everyone is wearing coats and hats.
Lizi is the founder of My Little Flamingo and she is posing with her two children whilst riding a rowing boat on holiday in Yorkshire. It is a sunny day and everyone is smiling.

i love working from home, in my little sewing studio (i'm still trying to convince the hubby to convert the garage) and i love the flexibility my work gives me around my 2 children, (my son is still in primary school & my daughter who is 'miss independent' at secondary school - that makes me feel really old.

I'm a massive advocate for being yourself!!! to have the confidence to be authentically you is what we should all strive to be - and ultimately, this is what we should be teaching our children! to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons!

but gaining that confidence is not always easy - society is quick to judge and so many stereotypes still exist about how we should dress, which might stop us!

I've always been frustrated with children's fashion on the highstreet - with it's strict "girls" and "boys" sections. I've often found myself drifting between them with my own children - as i've always encouraged them to not define themselves by other peoples standards and expectations! for example: my daughter loves black and blue (she is not all pink and glittery) and my son loves bright, vibrant colours (the more neon the better).

so here i am, trying to have a small impact on children's fashion - creating garments based on all children and trying my hardest to make them accessible for all (boys/girls/neutral). helping children to express who they are whilst giving you quality and affordability at the same time!

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